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For customers impacted by the Hurricanes in Texas and Florida, please log in to your account to receive your special message, or contact our Disaster Readiness Team at 1-866-367-7524.

GSF Mortgage Corporation is a full service mortgage company dedicated to customer service – before, during & after the transaction.  We realize that home financing is a huge responsibility on your part and ours.  That is why GSF feels that it is important to us that you have access to your information at anytime.

You can gain access to your loan using the “Loan Information” link in the top menu.  If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact your GSF Mortgage Loan Officer or our general mailbox at gsfservicing@gogsf.com at any time. Or call us directly, 888-819-6023.

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Questions about where you should send your first payment or other servicing questions?

Your concerns are very important to us and we will get you the answers as quickly as we can.

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GSF Mortgage Service Benefits


Excellent Customer Service

Rely on our exceptional customer service to get your questions answered about your loan.


Holiday Credit Protection

All your finances, scores & alerts in one place.


Refinancing Alerts

If you qualify for a rate reduction, we will alert you. You will also qualify for low refinance fees.


Free Loan Review

Contact your Loan Officer for a free loan review.


Free Yearly Credit Report

Contact your Loan Officer for your yearly free credit report.


Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Who can I contact to answer my questions on my mortgage?

You can always contact our Main Customer Service Division with ALL your mortgage inquiries at 1-866-367-7524, or send an email to customerservice@loanadministration.com

#2 How Do I know when my first payment is due?

Your first payment due date will be listed on your Note, your first monthly statement, and/or the payment coupon included in your closing documents.  You can also call GSF Mortgage at 1-866-367-7524 or send an email to customerservice@loanadministration.com to find out your next payment due.

#3 Can I make a payment over the phone?

Yes.  Clients can make a payment over the phone Monday – Friday from 8:30a.m. to 8:00p.m. & Saturday from 8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m. EST.

#4 Is there a fee to pay over the phone?

Yes. There is a $5 phone payment fee. However, as an added convenience to our clients, a one-time waiver of said fee can be provided, upon request.

#5 Can I setup my bill pay to pay my mortgage?

Yes. However, please allow 3 – 7 business days from the date a bill-pay is scheduled for your payment to be processed and posted to your account. Also, please ensure you include your 10-digit account number on your payments.

#6 Where can I mail in my payments to?

All payments can be mailed into the following address. Also, please ensure you include your 10-digit account number on your payments.

GSF Mortgage Corporation
Attn: Payment Processing Center
PO BOX 11733
Newark, NJ 07101-4733

#7 Can I make my payments online?

Yes. You can pay online by going to Loan Information

#8 How do I sign in to pay online?

Once you are at the Loan Information, you will see a link on the top right-hand corner of the site labeled, “Loan Information.” Click on “Loan Information.” This will take you to the sign-on page.

#9 How do I create a new-user profile?

From the sign-on page, click on the link, “Register User ID/Password.” Utilizing your 10-digit account number, you will complete the new user registration form.

#10 I am having problems logging into my online account?

Should you be experiencing issues with your login credentials and/or with the login page, please contact us at 1-866-367-7524 or send an email to customerservice@loanadministration.com

#11 How do I allow third party to have access to my account?

From the login page, click on the “Third Party Authorization Form.” Download and complete the form. Fax the completed form to 609-718-4889.

#12 I am having financial hardships and need assistance with my Mortgage. How can I learn about my options for my Home Loan Assistance?

From the login page, click on the "Home Loan Assistance" link. After reading through the options, please contact us directly at 1-866-367-7524.

#13 How do I enroll in automatic payment withdrawals?

Once you are logged into your online account, click on the “Loan Servicing Center” link. Then, click on the “enroll in automatic payment” link. Fill out the application form. NOTE: The field labeled “Name of Bank Account” should equal the Account Holder (i.e. Borrower or Co-Borrower) on your loan and NOT the name of your banking institution.

#14 Can I enroll in bi-weekly payments and accelerate my principal balance?

Yes. Once you are logged into your online account, click on the “Loan Servicing Center” link. Then, click on the “enroll in automatic payment” link. Within the application form, you will have the option to select bi-weekly withdrawals. You will then select the withdrawal amount to be scheduled and select the additional principal amount you would like added. NOTE: For bi-weekly enrollment, the account must be paid one month in advance. For example, should you enroll for bi-weekly payments to start on November, your account must be paid through 11/1/15. Thus, the two payments that will be automatically taken in November will be for your 12/1/15 payment due.

#15 I have made changes to my homeowners insurance. How do I provide the changes so that my escrow can be properly adjusted?

Please contact us at 1-866-367-7524 for any changes to your homeowners insurance. Also, you may mail and/or fax any supporting documents to the following address:
GSF Mortgage Corporation
Attn: Insurance Center
P.O. Box 202028
Florence, SC 29502-2028
Fax: 843-413-7133

#16 I got a tax bill in the main. Where can I forward my tax bill so that it can be paid through my escrow account?

Please mail and/or fax all tax bills received to:

Tax Bills
1 Corelogic Dr.
Westlake, TX 76262
Fax: 817-826-1697

#17 Can I mail in cash to make a payment?

No. Only personal checks, cashier’s checks, and/or money orders are accepted. Please include your 10-digit account number on all payments.

#18 Can I use a credit card to make my mortgage payment online?

No. We only accept online payments utilizing a checking and/or saving account. Our company policy does not allow for a second debt to be taken out in order to pay your mortgage.

#19 What is the mortgagee clause I need to have listed on my Homeowners Insurance?

The mortgagee clause for all loans serviced by GSF Mortgage Corporation is as follows:

GSF Mortgage Corporation
C/O Central Loan Administration & Reporting
P.O. Box 202028
Florence, SC 29502-2028
Fax # (843) 413-7133

#20 Does GSF Mortgage charge a fee for paying my mortgage online, using the gogsf.com site?

NO. GSF Mortgage does not charge any fees for making an online payment, on gogsf.com, on your mortgage.

#21 Does GSF have a loss mitigation plan?

Yes, here is GSF's Loss Mitigation Plan.

#22 Got questions over your Year-End statement?

Click here for a copy of our year-end statement.

#23 Can I have PMI removed from my FNMA loan?

PMI may be removed when the LTV has reached 80% of its Original Value. Customers can have an appraisal done again if the loan is seasoned for at least two years (from date of first payment) and then must meet a 75% LTV if seasoned < 5yrs total. All request must be submitted in writing. Please contact our Customer Service Team at 1-866-367-7524 for further information.